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IT, OT & Data Manager


We’re looking for an IT, OT & Data Manager to help us to ensure we can kickstart innovation.

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We’re looking for a Program Developer for our Customer Projects.

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Program Developer Customer Projects


We’re looking for a Business Developer for our Customer Projects.

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Business Developer Customer Projects

Research & Relationships

We’re looking for a Head of Research & Relationships.

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Head of Research & Relationships

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nexxworks inspires organizations to act on their Day After Tomorrow. We help corporates thrive by inspiring them with extreme examples of exponential change, immersing them in front-seat experiences with top innovators around the world, and activating their own internal radical innovation team.

Our mission

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Waves of Inspiration, Enthusiasm,
Positivity, and Creativity...
Every. Single. Day.

- Ineke

The opportunity to take full ownership and pitch ideas, and receive tons of feedback.
The combination you need as an ambitious young professional.

- France

A word from some nexxworkers

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We’re looking for a Business & Portfolio Developer for our Speaker Collective.

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Business & Portfolio Developer Speakers

Curious to see where you'll be working?

This is our Digital Marketeer Carlo showing off some meeting/event spaces for our upcoming bootcamp.

Do not hesitate to reach out! 💛 4 92400974

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A breathtaking rollercoaster of inspiration and innovation!

- Matthias

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